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It is for us impossible to raise all the young dogs ourselves.

We depend on the commitment of our puppy walkers.  They are investing a huge amount of time in the upbringing of the junior assistance dog.

Also the heavy task to bring the dog back after a year should not be taken lightly. Thankfully there are families that subordinate their own emotions to the good course, with a lot of love and patience.

In the home of a puppy walker there must be an adult present all the time, for the very young pups, who takes responsibility for the puppy. The older pups can stay alone for a while. They also must have a car at one’s disposal. Training sessions will be organized to  test the  progress of the puppy.

Since we are a young school the cost of raising the puppy will be to the account of the puppy walker.

We hope that sponsors will soon be interested to take care of those costs.

Are you interested in becoming a puppy walker fill in the online form.

We will contact you as soon as possiblr